Banquet Menu # 1

$55.50 per person / Minimum 30 guests

(Please note that those menus prices are not inclusive of crockery, cutlery, linen and wait staff. Please contact us for a detailed quote)

Breads and dips (choose 3)

  • Guacamole-avocado, blue cheese, hummus
  • Roast pumpkin-cinnamon, almonds & rocket pistou
  • Bush tomato relish, smoked capsicum cream cheese

Main course

  • Grilled steak garlic thyme rubbed, onion marmalade
  • Reef fish Parisienne capers, lemon, parsley
  • Paprika & parsley, chicken breast with verjuice, mushroom cream sauce
  • Sweet potato, spinach and pine nut salad
  • French buttered beans & broccoli
  • Roasted chat potatoes

Dessert buffet

  • Tropical fruit platter
  • Mini selection of tarts
  • Satin chocolate slice
  • Passion fruit yoghurt slice
  • Tea and Coffee


Banquet Menu # 2

$58.50 per person / Minimum 30 guests

Gourmet bread selection

Antipasti platter

Marinated field mushrooms, double smoked ham, sliced salami and ceviche. Kalamata olives and grilled vegetables, roasted red capsicum, Persian feta. Roast tomato relish, rocket pesto. Ciabatta, pide.

Main course

  • Portuguese roast chicken
  • Mediterranean reef fish, capers, roma tomato, fresh herbs
  • Twice cooked lamb fetta, garlic, rosemary
  • Parmesan soft polenta
  • Beans & almond broccoli

Dessert Buffet

  • Tropical fruit platter
  • Mini selection of tarts
  • Chocolate mousse slice
  • Wattle seed caramel slice
  • Tea and coffee


Banquet Menu # 3

$62.50 per person / Minimum 30 guests

To start with # pre dinner canapé

  • Gazpacio oyster shooters
  • Thai barramundi sugar cane sticks
  • Baby beetroot and goat cheese tartlets
  • Barbeque beef satay / Malay coconut sauce

Main course

  • Twice cooked lamb fetta, garlic, rosemary
  • Reef fish, mushroom duxelle, semi-dried tomato
  • Gnocchi with asparagus and shaved parmesan
  • Mixed baby greens with feta, pecans and raspberry vinaigrette
  • Gratin potato

Dessert buffet

  • Bowls of fresh berries
  • Passion fruit yoghurt slice
  • Cherry cheesecake
  • Caramel tartlets
  • Tea and coffee


Banquet Menu # 4

$72.50 per person / Minimum 30 guests

To start with # pre dinner canapé

  • Coconut chicken in crispy gyozza
  • Gulf prawn dippers with lime aioli
  • Roast Peking duck / chili jam and cucumber
  • Slow roasted tomato tartlets, goat cheese and pesto herb oil

Mezze Board

  • Lamb Kofta with minted yoghurt
  • Roast beetroot & spiced labne dip, hummus, Baba Ganouj
  • Turkish bread & pitta bread, roasted field mushroom, pepperoni, prosciutto, marinated olives and grilled vegetables

Main course

  • Grilled beef fillet Panzanella with roast peppers, Spanish onions and garlic croutons
  • Wild caught Barramundi with lemon grass and lime
  • Twice cooked pork sweet chili tamari
  • Chat potato with bacon, garlic and rosemary
  • Globe artichoke, asparagus and watercress salad

Dessert buffet

  • Bowls of fresh seasonal berries
  • Chocolate pistachio profiteroles
  • Lime meringue pie
  • Selection of Australian cheeses with crackers and grissini
  • Tea and coffee


Please note that these menu prices are not inclusive of crockery, cutlery, linen and wait staff. 

Please contact us for a detailed quote.

- Prices are valid until 30th December 2024

- All prices include GST

Banquet Event Catering

Our Banquet Event Catering Promises A Fusion of Palatable Pleasures 

The commitment of our professional chefs at Platinum Cuisine is to bring the best of banquet event catering to events big and small. We believe you want your guests to enjoy an immaculate dining experience. Creating mouth-watering dishes, served with hospitable warmth and professionalism in a beautifully styled location is our forte. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Corporate Catering in Cairns

Corporate events sizes can vary between being intimate to large-scale formal banquets. When it is your task to make it happen, you need to get a trusted partner by your side. Here are what we suggest will help you to make it a success. 

  • On the topic of finding a trusted partner, you need to make sure that you find a caterer who listens to your needs and requirements. Catering events are all unique and have custom requirements. Having to work with someone who doesn’t hear what you are saying can become very frustrating. Especially as the date comes closer and the pressure to achieve perfection increases. Regardless of having about 24 glorious years in large event catering in our portfolio, every event that we cater for is different. Thus, we listen to what your needs and vision for the occasion are. Doing this is the only way we can deliver what you want.  
  • Alcohol, no alcohol, open bar or not? A question that is difficult to answer if you want to keep everyone happy and stay within your given budget. We can advise on solutions to serve alcohol if needed while staying in your budget. Thanks to our excellent relationships with various suppliers, including liquor outlets, we can bring both food and drinks to your event. Our licence to sell liquor off-site eliminates any additional paperwork for approval. 
  • It is much easier to work with a catering company that can deliver the complete package needed to make your event a success. Dealing with various suppliers and getting them to work within your schedule is time-consuming and exhausting. 
  • We handpick our professional waitrons to fulfil every aspect of delivering a successful event. We have international award-winning chefs, professional waitrons and friendly staff at our bar. Our relationships with our trusted suppliers ensure excellent quality ingredients. We can reap the benefits of buying in bulk which we pass on to you again. Better pricing allows us to deliver a premium service at competitive pricing. 

Related Services We Provide to Corporate Food Catering

Our successful history glitters with happy moments shared at all kinds of beautiful events around perfectly set tables and delicious cuisine.

  • Commercial catering is the perfect solution for large-scale informal events such as sporting events. In general, the assumption is not to expect the same immaculate quality of palatable cuisine at these kinds of events, but we say why not. Our chefs are so confident in their cooking that they can comfortably express their creativity in various cooking styles and requirements. We’ll prepare a menu to complement your event and make your dining dream the latest trend in the catering industry. 
  • Corporate event catering is the solution of choice for formal events. These are usually aimed at socialising with business partners and colleagues to strengthen existing networks and forming new ones. Black tie events, charity balls, year-end functions and award evenings are mostly what is involved in corporate catering.
  • Other event food catering includes sharing in the treasured memories of many happy couples while serving their beloved guests at fairy-tale weddings. Wedding planning can be stressful on any bride, but we can take the sting out of planning. You can trust us to help you find the perfect venue from many preferred places in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. We can even take care of the planning and styling. Our creative chefs will amaze your guest with creative cordon bleu, served by our friendly and hospitable waitrons. Creating the perfect setting for magical moments can be easy.  

Why Platinum Cuisine Makes Large Event Catering Cost-Effective

Our premium service is always charged at competitive rates to make dreams a reality within your set budget. We believe that the relationship which we build with our suppliers are as vital as the one we share with you. These long-lasting, trusted partnerships are what enables us to negotiate better prices, get pristine quality ingredients and timeous delivery. Bulk buying from our side is another factor that reflects favourably on the budget. These benefits filter directly on to you, our valuable clients in the catering industry.

We would love to include you at our table of warm hospitality. Contact us and take your seat at our table either in Cairns or beyond.

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