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Indulge in Delectable Dining and Cuisine Opulence with Cairns Catering

At Platinum Cuisine we are passionate about serving you mouth-watering indulgence as one of the best providers in Cairns catering. You can make great memories during special events around tables that are delightfully set, with indulgence served in piquantly plated portions. Our creative catering solutions transforms any event into a feast of delicious satisfaction. 

What Sets Platinum Cuisine Apart Regarding Food Catering Cairns

We saw a need for immaculate service and excellence in delivery among the catering services in Cairns. Fulfilling this need became the platform for our company when we first started serving the Great Barrier Reef and Port Douglas in 2007. Now we’ve grown from humble beginnings to being a trendsetter amongst Cairns catering companies. 

  • It is a great privilege to have several international award-winning chefs on our team. This global recognition is testimony to our in-depth understanding of delicious combinations. Our passion for creative cuisine transforms any meal into a mouth-watering food sensation. 
  • Food feeds the body and the soul, it is a way to show people that you care about them, and it is a gift to your guests. Thus, we take care to deliver more than food to any event, but indeed culinary delights served with pride, professionalism and hospitality. 
  • A love for food and people is the golden thread connecting all our catering options. We handpick all our waitrons to fulfil a role that goes far beyond delivering plates. It is a role of being hospitable hosts in their own right. A service that complements your menu and contributes to your event. Service is an integral part of the success of your event. Thus, our business motto is to bring you comprehensive catering packages, including culinary delights and thorough, friendly and professional service. 
  • The third layer to our comprehensive approach to delivering excellence at your event includes planning and styling of the venue. The size of your event doesn’t matter as we cater for anything from 2 to 1 400 people. Due to these major differences in event sizes, we offer flexibility in solutions and compatibility to complement your vision and needs. Our competitive price packages cater to a diverse range of events. 

Our commitment to excellence is your guarantee for a successful event. Our vibrant portfolio includes elegantly classic weddings, stylish corporate galas and adrenaline-pumping sporting events. 

When Booking Catering in Cairns Consider the Following

We are passionate about food and excellent service, about stylish table settings and breath-taking venues, but it all means nothing without you. Our team wants to be there for you, by your side, helping you to create magnificent moments. These tips can guide you when you are taking control of an event for the first time. It can also add value to your already existing skills. 

  • To find the perfect location for your event, you need to know what would constitute as perfect. Do you need to accommodate a large crowd? Can you afford the venue you like and would the setting complement the purpose of the event? Speak to us and we can suggest numerous venues with which we have built trusted relationships over time. We can advise on seating arrangements and how much space you need. We’ve been caterers in Cairns for around 14 years, and we’ll gladly share our knowledge with you.
  • It can be easy to miss small details which only reveal themselves as much larger than expected when it is too late. To avoid these last-minute stressors, we have managed to develop a structured approach to attend to even the smallest details. Checklists and guides are your friends during these times. Alternatively, you can hand over the stress to us and we’ll take care of every little need.
  • Invest in Plan A but keep an open avenue to access a Plan B too. Outdoor events are explicitly coming to mind now. Planning an outdoors event is exciting. A natural setting with complementing décor brings unparalleled beauty to your event. Yet, you have a wild card on your hands with the weather as it can be challenging to predict. Plan B might become Plan A on the eve of your event, and nobody needs last-minute stress. An optional solution would be to outsource your planning to our knowledgeable team who’ll take care of Plan A, and B. 

About Platinum Cuisine

During the 24 years in the industry, we have learned that the success of your event depends on more than delectable dining. It requires a much more comprehensive approach towards serving your guests’ needs in every way. It is the reason why we build relationships with various outstanding venues in the vicinity, with beverage suppliers and more. We trust in the collective effort of a team delivering excellence. Each member is working together towards a common goal of giving you precisely what you are looking for at a competitive price. These combined efforts are the core of the many successful events to our name. It is the foundation of our reputation as a respected provider amongst catering companies in Cairns. 

You deserve to have a trusted partner by your side. Together we bring about the excellence your special guests expect. Contact us with your catering requirements and let beauty and brilliance become yours.

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